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Aquilas Lim Compliance Assistant - Licensing

Aquilas Lim is a Licensing Compliance Assistant in Chartwell’s License Maintenance team and has over two years of experience with fintechs and money transmitter licensing.

Prior to Chartwell, Aquilas was responsible for license maintenance, financial operations, and payment processing at PingPong Global Solutions Inc with a core focus on ensuring that daily operations in these areas were efficient, effective, smooth running and problem-free. This also included providing the complex financial reporting required for licensing maintenance reporting and renewals.

Aquilas also has deep expertise in SalesForce and was the main administrator responsible for platform setup and maintenance as well as ongoing enhancements as well as internal training.

Aquilas holds a bachelors degreed in business management with a concentration on Finance from California State University, East Bay.

Aquilas currently lives in California with his wife, guinea pigs, and enjoys spending time with family and friends enjoying various activities related to the outdoors, cars, and video games.