Our Professionals

Christa Fazzi Senior Compliance Professional - Licensing

Christa Fazzi serves as a Compliance Professional at Chartwell Compliance and has over 10 years of professional experience in managing, completing, and maintaining state licensing applications.

At Chartwell, Christa brings experience in money transmitter licensing to clients in all facets of license acquisition including company-wide documentation, personal disclosures for Officers and Directors, and close interactions with regulators. She is also actively pursuing a Project Management Professional Certification (PMP).

As a Licensing Paralegal with the gaming industry’s leading provider of cash access services to casinos, Christa was wholly responsible for maintaining all entity, branch and individual licensing, as well as the acquisition of new licenses as required by the business.   She managed licensing for over 33 U.S. States and territories and coordinated all corporate entity documentation and filing requirements for twelve foreign subsidiaries including the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Macau, Switzerland, Belgium, Canada, and India. Christa has also assisted in foreign and domestic dissolutions, and domestic acquisitions and mergers.

Before discovering her passion and talent for supporting licensing and the regulatory needs of corporations, Christa worked as an on-site administrator for one of the largest construction projects in Las Vegas, CityCenter, where she was responsible for adherence to an aggressive construction schedule. She also worked in the Human Resources and Training departments at the Nevada Test Site.  Christa is a certified Paralegal and has earned an Associate of Science degree.

Christa has called Las Vegas home for over 38 years, where she and her husband enjoy all kinds of outdoor adventures, extreme trail and cross-country mountain biking, hiking, camping, and almost everything about the “other side” of Las Vegas.  They have two grown children, a dog, a cat, and enjoy homemade cappuccinos or espresso daily!