Our Professionals

Julieta Vital Garay, CAMS Compliance Professional - Licensing

Julieta joins the Chartwell family as a Compliance Professional and brings over 9 years of experience in the money transmitter licensing and anti-money laundering specialties, having previously worked at Unidos/Tempo Financial as well as the payments fintech, Uphold.

Throughout the years, Julieta has held multiple compliance roles where she developed an in-depth knowledge of MSB license acquisition, maintenance, and anti-money laundering regulations. Prior to joining Chartwell, Julieta was Uphold’s regulatory affairs specialist where she contributed to securing MSB licenses and maintaining them and was also involved in the detection, investigation, and prevention of money laundering in the daily operations of the company. Julieta played a crucial part in training and managing a group of Compliance analysts for the same institution and she also served as the Compliance Officer for Mexico, where she was responsible for onsite examinations, implementation of policies and procedures, reporting operations and maintaining communications with legal counsel in that jurisdiction.

Julieta is CAMS certified since 2016 and is fluent in English & Spanish. She is originally from Mexico but resides in Colorado with her family and in her free time, she is an avid soccer player and enjoys various hiking trails in Colorado with her loved ones.

Being in the Regulatory Compliance industry has been an extraordinary learning experience, which Julieta thoroughly enjoys, as she feels she is always learning.