Our Professionals

Larry Mazza Board Member, Chief Executive Officer & President of MVB Bank

A recognized banking and financial services executive, Larry Mazza embraces industry disruption caused by technology, seeks “blue ocean” opportunities, and motivates others to think bigger. A high-energy leader with an entrepreneurial mindset, Mr. Mazza builds strong professional partnerships through his philosophy of love, trust, and commitment. Mr. Mazza is President and CEO of MVB Financial Corp. (NASDAQ: MVBF), the parent of West Virginia-based MVB Bank, Inc., and the Bank’s subsidiaries, MVB Mortgage, MVB Community Development Corporation, Chartwell Compliance, and Paladin. Since 2005, he has led MVB’s growth from a community bank with 35 employees to a NASDAQ-listed and Russell 2000 company with more than 400 team members living in more than 20 different states. MVB’s model now goes beyond traditional banking and leverages the disruption occurring in the financial services industry to the benefit of shareholders. Mr. Mazza’s expertise and enthusiasm in finance, startups, the growing payments industry, fast-changing technology and highly regulated industries have made him a trusted partner and thought leader across the globe. Evidence of the value he places on entrepreneurship, Mr. Mazza is co-owner and business partner of the global internet business venture Football Talk, LLC, a well-known and highly successful website ProFootballTalk.com, which is a key content provider for NBC Sports.