Our Professionals

Ivan Wyrsta, CAMS Associate - Banking Compliance

Ivan Wyrsta, CAMS, Associate at Ankura (previously Chartwell), is responsible for transaction monitoring, SAR reporting, and Quality Control. With over 6 years’ experience in various AML activities, he previously worked at AML RightSource LLC where he was responsible for quality control across numerous projects as well as helping train and introduce new hires to the world of AML compliance.

Prior to joining Chartwell, Ivan was an independent contractor, through Dominion Advisory, where he gained valuable work experience with veteran professionals in the compliance world.

Ivan is the first in his family to finish college, graduating in 2014 from Baldwin Wallace University, where he double majored in Economics and Philosophy.

Despite being from Cleveland, OH, he currently lives in the Pacific Northwest, calling King County Washington State his home where he hikes, watches the rain, and explores the plentiful flora and shops of interest in the area.

In his spare time, Ivan also reads economics and philosophy, plays board games, attends concerts, and drinks all the coffee he can get his hands on.