Our Professionals

Jessica Crosbie Senior Associate - Licensing

Jessica Crosbie is a Compliance Professional at Chartwell and has over 15 years of compliance experience within the money service business and banking industry.

Prior to joining Chartwell, Jessica worked in shareholder reporting and oversight for MUFG Investor Services with a focus on escheatment, client tax reporting, and adherence to all regulatory requirements.

Before MUFG, Jessica was an AML analyst for Barclaycard US where she was responsible for monitoring transactions for suspicious activity, filing Suspicious Activity Reports and performing due diligence reviews.  Prior to that, she worked for EVERI, the gaming industry’s leading provider of cash access services to casinos. She was responsible for attaining the company’s money transmitter licenses.  In this role, Jessica completed and filed money transmitter applications and worked with various state regulators; providing investigative documents and coordinating onsite visits.

Jessica holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Jessica lives in Northern Virginia with her husband and daughter.  She enjoys running long distances, arts and crafts, stand up paddle boarding, and visiting cute independent coffee shops.