Our Professionals

Karen Schirmer Senior Advisor

Karen has 18 years of experience directing AML Compliance teams, along with drafting and implementing programs that identify requirements, risks, controls and methods of control validations. Karen’s career as an AML expert began in 2001 when the USA PATRIOT Act was passed and added BSA requirements to Money Services Businesses. She was instrumental in building Western Union’s Money Transfer and Money Order AML Programs, including hiring and training more than 60 compliance personnel. She also directed the State Licensing and Reporting group, the OFAC government sanctions program and was Senior Director of First Data’s Global Compliance Program.

Karen previously held the role of Vice President of Chartwell Compliance’s Federal Compliance team.

Karen is a subject matter expert in AML compliance for money transmission, payment instruments, prepaid access, payments processing, and other financial services. She has been an on-going advisor to many start-up companies needing to establish and maintain robust AML Compliance Programs, and she conducts AML Compliance training tailored to the roles and responsibilities of Board of Directors, Senior Management, Compliance Staff, and company employees.