Our Professionals

Martin Patterson, CAMS Senior Director - Global Outsourced Compliance

Martin Patterson is a Compliance Director in Chartwell Compliance’s Global Outsourced team with a focus on assisting clients with the day-to-day implementation and execution of the various aspects of their  compliance program and related framework.

Martin brings almost two decades of experience in US financial services compliance and operations oversight, corporate client due diligence, risk assessments as well as transaction monitoring, with a strong focus on implementing new processes and platforms. Prior to joining Chartwell, Martin spent the last 15 years with Travelex Currency Services and Sum Up. For the last 5 years, he was the Director of Risk and Compliance as well as the Chief Compliance Officer responsible for Travelex’s AML/CTF, Risk Assurance and Licensing Programs in the United States, Canada and Panama.

Martin is a member of ACAMS and is CAMS-certified, and he has a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Kentucky.

Martin is a family man above all else; he is a very proud husband and a father to two little girls. He enjoys traveling for business or pleasure and loves several outdoor hobbies including hiking, kayaking, biking, hunting and fishing, amongst others.