Our Professionals

Meagan Mosslih, CAMS Director - Banking Compliance

Meagan Mosslih, CAMS, Director at Ankura (previously Chartwell), has over 12 years of experience in retail banking, deposit operations, and BSA/AML compliance.

Throughout Meagan’s career in the financial services industry, she has gained extensive experience and knowledge through her roles dealing with BSA/AML compliance, risk management, fraud detection and prevention, remediation strategies, transaction monitoring, investigation and reporting of suspicious activity as well as related policy and procedure development activities. In addition, Meagan has strong project management experience, coordinating audits, exams and board reporting as well as conducting and directing Customer Identification Program activities such as customer due diligence, enhanced due diligence, OFAC screening.

Additionally, in her previous roles, Meagan has assisted with multiple mergers and acquisitions to ensure compliance and successful transitions, lead project management for an Embassy and Mission banking division, developed and implemented a new AML risk rating program for deposits and loans, and developed and implemented enhanced CIP exception monitoring.

Meagan has her bachelor’s degree in Business Management and her Masters degree in Finance. She has also obtained her Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) certification. She also regularly conducts research on current Federal and State regulatory requirements to stay ahead of any changing regulations, laws and trends.

Meagan is located in Maryland, where she was born and raised. She loves to travel, hike, spend time with family and friends, watch old black and white shows/movies, and attend various sporting events, concerts and comedy shows.