Touching the Hearts and Minds of Individuals – Introducing Chartwell Futures

  • Posted on May 17, 2022

By Daniel Weiss, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Chartwell is pleased to announce the creation of a new business, Chartwell Futures, that is dedicated to proactively sparking change and innovation through the delivery of customized programs. Chartwell Futures programming will enable people to affect positive change within themselves as well as to their organizations, their communities, and the Earth.

Through inspired and inspiring experiential learning, coaching, and team building, Chartwell Futures programs will satiate the human desire for exploration, adventure, self-actualization, public service, and proximity to nature. Our programming benefits present-day people and nature while protecting future generations, and respecting and paying homage to our legacies, heritage, and history.

Chartwell Futures will be a remedy for the growing human disconnection and lack of critical thinking resulting from computer and phone screen time, social media usage, the pandemic, and remote workplaces. The programs work to combat the extinction and endangerment of irreplaceable natural and historical places and resources. As a trusted partner, Chartwell Futures will be the solution to the limited and unoriginal range of options available for learning transformation.

Chartwell Futures will operate as a division alongside Chartwell Compliance under the overall umbrella of the newly branded parent organization, Chartwell Foresight.

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